This project with simulation of currents, hydrography and infection of Caligus and virus builds upon a similar project for the management areas 9-10 in region X, and is now presented for management areas 18-20 in region XI. The main results are maps of currents and hydrography for the region and detailed maps of each location at different depths, in addition to water connectivity between all the locations in the region. There are a total of 172 locations in the two model domains simulated in this project.

Project organizing and financing

The project was financed by the salmon producers in region XI and the modelling and web development was done by SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture. AVS-Chile have been coordinators for the project.
The following companies have been participating:
AquaChile, Camanchaca, GMT, LosFiordos, Marine Harvest, Multiexport, Salmones Blumar, Ventisqueros, Yadran.
Project manager: Øyvind Knutsen, Coordinator: Javier Unibazo.


SINMOD is a 3D coupled hydrodynamic, chemical and biological model system that has been continously developed and used at SINTEF since 1987. Input to the model is real bottom topography, freshwater supply from land, atmospheric driving forces (wind, air temperature, pressure etc.) and boundary conditions (current, hydrograph, tides). The model has previously been used to simulate dispersion of sea lice and virus along the Norwegian coast, simulations of fjords and coastal systems in addition to a series of studies of the Nordic seas and the Arctic ocean. See SINMOD for references.

In this project a particle module in SINMOD has been used as a basis for Langrangian models for the dispersion of sealice and virus. The hydrodynamic module of SINMOD does not, in itself, need any specific adaption to be used for the coast of Chile. The main work in establishing the hydrodynamic model is to collect data on bathymetry, river runoff and atmospheric data that are needed to run the model. Once established, the model must be evaluated by comparing results from the model with available data on temperature, salinity and currents.

Simulated temperature for March - April 2015. 800m resolution.